Chinedu Okere

  Full-stack software engineer with a track record of success working in food tech, fintech, and cyber tech. Has a passion for developing cutting-edge UIs and web apps that deliver exceptional user experience, Has expertise in frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Next.js, as well as backend technologies such as Node.js/Express.js and databases such as MongoDB/MySQL. Contributes to open source technology documentation.


4 Stories by Chinedu Okere

Different ways to truncate text with CSS

In this article, we will review different ways to truncate text in CSS using several CSS and JavaScript techniques.
0 10 min read

Create a React chat assistant with Dialogflow CX

Dialogflow can be used to implement several types of virtual agents, such as voice bots, chatbots, and phone gateways.
0 11 min read

How to add Redis cache to a NestJS app

Caching specifically helps speed up an application's performance. In this article, we'll look at how to add caching functionality to a NestJS app with...
3 8 min read

NestJS vs. LoopBack 4: Which is best?

NestJS is a powerful, easy to use, full-stack Node framework. LoopBack is a microframework and is considered when Database, REST API, AAA, and Swagger...
2 7 min read