Rahul Padalkar

  Software engineer and indie hacker sharing my learnings skilled in Web technologies. Find me @rahulnpadalkar.


5 Stories by Rahul Padalkar

Building a reactive web app in Go with Fir

The Fir toolkit makes it possible to add reactivity to Go apps without much JavaScript knowledge or experience with complex frameworks.
0 11 min read

Building a shopping cart app with Vercel Stack

In this tutorial, we will take a look at how to set up Vercel Postgres and Vercel KV and build a simple shopping cart...
1 10 min read

Setting up visual regression testing with React Native Owl

In this post, we will take a look at writing visual regression tests for React Native applications using React Native Owl.
0 6 min read

Build a Kanban board with dnd kit and React

Learn how to use dnd kit, an alternative to react-beautiful-dnd, to design drag-and-drop patterns for your React apps!
2 7 min read

Building a pomodoro timer with Tauri using React and Vite

Learn how to build a simple pomodoro timer using Tauri, a set of tools for building cross-platform desktop apps using frontend frameworks.
0 5 min read