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What's New In Vuex 3.1.1

What’s new in Vuex 3.1.1

JavaScript has become the mother language of a huge, diverse, and fast-growing programming universe. Once a framework or library gets updated,...
Diogo Souza
3 min read

The visual learner’s guide to async JS

Have you ever watched or read hours’ worth of tutorials but were still left confused? That’s how I felt when I...
Eden Adler
5 min read

How to build a custom GatsbyJS theme

A brief introduction to Gatsby Gatsby is a static site generator that is built with React.js, Webpack, and GraphQL. It is used for building very fast...
Obinna Ekwuno
7 min read
Truly Reactive Programming With Svelte 3.0

Truly reactive programming with Svelte 3.0

That title is a bit dramatic, but then again, so is Svelte and the idea behind it. If you don’t know...
Ovie Okeh
8 min read
Trapezoid CSS Shape

It’s a trap-ezoid: CSS Shapes aren’t what you’d expect

When I first heard of CSS Shapes, I fell into the trap of expecting a drawing API. I thought it’d be...
John Rhea
7 min read
Google Chrome Logo

What’s new in Chrome 74

Chrome 74 has arrived, and while there’s not much exciting from a user-facing perspective, there are some goodies for the developer...
Ben Ewing
2 min read
Clean And Scalable JavaScript

12 tips for writing clean and scalable JavaScript

JavaScript has its origins in the early web. Starting out as a scripting language, it has now evolved into a fully...
Lukas Gisder-Dubé
7 min read
Angular Logo

New Angular features you didn’t know existed

TL;DR: In this post, you will be introduced to a few new Angular features you might not know about. We will...
Nwose Lotanna
5 min read
How To Convert Your Existing Redux Containers To Hooks

How to convert your existing Redux containers to Hooks

Learn how to free your components from the hassle of connected HOCs.
Zain Sajjad
5 min read

What’s new in Create React App 3

Released at the end of April 2019, Create React App (CRA) 3 adds linting rules to hooks and TypeScript projects, along...
Esteban Herrera
3 min read
New In Chrome 74

New in Chrome 74: Prefers-reduced-motion media query

Animations can be a really powerful way to convey a message, clarify functions, or even simply add eye candy. They can...
Facundo Corradini
3 min read

Understanding Shadow DOM v1

The shadow DOM is not a villain from a superhero movie. It’s not the dark side of the DOM, either. The...
Faraz Kelhini
13 min read