John Au-Yeung

  I'm a web developer interested in JavaScript stuff.


17 Stories by John Au-Yeung

Comparing Next.js and After.js for SSR React apps

The major difference between Next.js and After.js lies in their routing mechanisms.
1 5 min read

Comparing statically typed JavaScript implementations

In this post, we'll compare three of the most popular ways of imposing static typing on JavaScript: TypeScript, Flow, and PropTypes.
8 7 min read

Using Vuex 4 with Vue 3

Vuex 4 isn't much different from earlier versions, but it can be tricky to use with Vue 3. Learn how to use them together...
0 7 min read

Intro to ForgoJS, an ultra-lightweight UI runtime

Examine the differences in behavior between React and Forgo, a lightweight UI runtime for creating web apps.
0 5 min read

5 top React Hooks libraries compared

We compare five of the best React Hooks libraries to eliminate the need to write custom Hooks from scratch and help speed up development.
0 8 min read

Writing an Android app with Ionic React

With Ionic, we can use our knowledge of React to create an Android mobile app that can access hardware and work with storage devices.
0 8 min read

Using D3.js v6 with React

Version 6 is the most recent D3.js release. Learn how you can use it to create charts and manipulate graphics in your React apps.
0 6 min read

RE:DOM vs. Svelte

We review the differences between RE:DOM and Svelte and establish which would be a better choice for various applications.
0 6 min read

What’s new in Storybook 6

Storybook 6 released with a number of new features, including the ability to combine multiple Storybooks, live-edit components, and more.
0 4 min read

What’s new in Apollo Client 3

Apollo Client 3 offers several new features, including package rearrange changes and more caching features.
0 3 min read

Top picks for Vue.js carousel libraries

Building a slideshow component from scratch takes time. We round up five of the best Vue.js carousel libraries to make the job easier.
0 6 min read

Exploring Vue-Multiselect

The Vue-Multiselect library can make our lives much easier when creating dropdowns in Vue.
3 6 min read