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19 Stories by John Reilly

useState with URLs: How to persist state with useSearchParams

Learn about a simple React Hook that stores state in the URL query string, building on top of the React Router useSearchParams Hook.
0 3 min read

Build a progressive web app (PWA) with React

Progressive web apps are a (terribly named) wonderful idea. Our tutorial takes you from CRA to PWA in a snap.
5 8 min read

Understanding TypeScript 4.7 and ECMAScript module support

As part of the TypeScript 4.7 release comes a major upgrade to ECMAScript module support for Node.js. Learn what this means going forward.
0 4 min read

Upgrading to React 18 with TypeScript

The upgrade of the React type definitions to support React 18 involved significant breaking changes. Learn about what the upgrade path looks like.
1 3 min read

Type annotations (aka, types as comments): Strong types, weakly held

Type annotations (aka, types as comments) is a proposal that would allow for the inclusion of types in JavaScript code.
0 5 min read

Lighthouse meets GitHub Actions: How to use Lighthouse in CI

Learn how to integrate Lighthouse into a GitHub Actions workflow and report findings directly in pull requests.
0 7 min read

Working with Azure Static Web Apps: A Netlify alternative

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to work with Static Web Apps and demonstrate how to deploy one using GitHub Actions.
0 4 min read

Open Graph: How to create sharable social media previews

Learn about sharable previews, how to implement and test them, and how to overcome challenges associated with lack of standardization.
0 4 min read

TypeScript vs. JSDoc JavaScript for static type checking

If you're starting a project and want to make use of static typing, how do you choose between TypeScript or JavaScript with JSDoc?
0 3 min read

React, structured data, and SEO

If you have a website, making it discoverable is paramount. In this guide, we'll show you how to add structured data to your site.
0 4 min read

How to authenticate and access Google APIs using OAuth 2.0

Learn how to authenticate with Google using TypeScript. As a practical example, we'll show you how to acquire and use a refresh token to...
0 5 min read

Write more readable code with TypeScript 4.4

Control flow analysis of aliased conditions, an exciting new feature shipped with TypeScript 4.4, enables you to write more expressive, readable code.
1 2 min read