Mario Zupan
Nov 25, 2021 ⋅ 24 min read

How to build a blockchain in Rust

Mario Zupan I'm a software developer originally from Graz but living in Vienna, Austria. I previously worked as a full-stack web developer before quitting my job to work as a freelancer and explore open source. Currently, I work at Netconomy.

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9 Replies to "How to build a blockchain in Rust"

  1. Your article is too good. and thank you very much for sharing your blog with us. It looks very different and unique.

  2. There’s some weird bug in your binary hashes… If a hash starts with “0000”, its binary repr would start with 16 zeros, not only two. But I can’t pinpoint where it is.

  3. Hey I followed this tutorial and I have a bunch of generic reference errors, for example on the static variables in p2p.rs. like pub static KEYS: Lazy = Lazy::new….
    which I replaced with KEYS: Lazy = Lazy::new….
    it seems odd that throwing around a bunch of explicit turbo fish is fixing my errors (ultimately leading to more errors) esspecially since they arent present in this code. Could there be a change in the base packages?
    is it possible I am missing some crate or module, or using the wrong ones?
    I am new to Rust, is there something basic concept I could be missing, sorry I dont have more info I am just very confused

  4. does this still work? I got a bunch of missing generic errors, and the code was copied exactly, maybe I am using the wrong crates or modules

  5. Thx for your articles, I’m really enjoy reading it. Cause it’s the end of the workday I haven’t finished it. I’ll get back to it soon. What I really want to say is your articles are really interesting and it’s not the first one in which I’m interested in and where I can find answers to my questions. Thx for your time and detailed guides!

  6. I dont care if this code works till now but i’m learning so much, my second day of learning rust, and with an interest in blockchain, its a great start. if anyone can share the repo of the updates code or something, I’d really appreciate it

  7. Why nobody writes documents without test it? Your codes have too many missing things. For example you must write `pub response_sender: mpsc::UnboundedSender`, but your code is `pub response_sender: mpsc::UnboundedSender`. We’re just learning, how can we find the missing pieces?

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