Getting started with WebAssembly and Rust

This guide serves as an introduction to WebAssembly and a tutorial on how to set up and work in a Rust Wasm environment.
Carlos Chacin
8 min read

Using Redis in a Rust web service

You can use Redis for caching, as a message broker, or simply as a database. Learn three approaches to using Redis inside a Rust...
Mario Zupan
9 min read

A practical guide to async in Rust

If you're writing an asynchronous program in Rust or using an async library for the first time, this tutorial can help you get started.
Carl Fredrik Samson
10 min read

Packaging a Rust web service using Docker

Packaging web apps as Docker containers benefits both local development and server deployment. Learn how to put a Rust app inside a Docker container.
Mario Zupan
5 min read

Property-based testing in Rust with Proptest

Considering your code's abstract properties can help you understand it better. Learn how to conduct property-based tests in Rust with Proptest.
Zach Mitchell
14 min read

How to build a WebSocket server with Rust

WebSockets are fantastic both for interactive real-time web-experiences, as well as in combination with REST APIs to update the UI without the need for...
Mario Zupan
10 min read

How to organize your Rust tests

Testing is a cheap and easy way to find bugs. Learn how to implement doctests, black- and white-box tests, test helpers, QuickCheck, fuzz testing,...
Andre Bogus
8 min read

How to create a GraphQL server in Rust

Rust is a great option for building reliable and performant web backends in general, and its powerful macro support makes working with GraphQL an...
Joshua Cooper
6 min read

Getting up to speed with Rust

Learning Rust will help you get better at writing in other programming languages. This guide demonstrates how to set up your dev environment so...
Ingmar Jager
5 min read

Create an async CRUD web service in Rust with…

Learn how to create an asynchronous web app using warp and tokio-postgres and build a database-backed CRUD service with error handling — all in...
Mario Zupan
12 min read

How to build a dice roller in Rust

If you're an experienced programmer who is new to Rust — better yet, if you're a fellow D&D nerd — check out this tutorial...
Zach Mitchell
8 min read

Rust and Node.js: A match made in heaven

Rust and Node.js are a match made in heaven. This tutorial demonstrates how to build a native add-on for Node.js.
Anshul Goyal
16 min read