Pinning Rust async data types for memory safety

We investigate different methods for implementing pinning with async data in Rust and look at how to safely access pinned data.
Ahmad Rosid
9 min read

Building a Rust parser using Pest and PEG

In this article, we explored Pest — a Rust parser generator — and why we need to use parser generators to generate parsers.
Yashodhan Joshi
16 min read

Using SDL2 bindings in Rust for game development

Let's use the rust-sdl2 crate to create a simple snake game that demonstrates the features of the new SDL2.0 libraries.
Paulo Henrique Cuchi
11 min read

Using Rust with Axum for error handling

Get a refresher on using Rust and Axum to build a web service, along with how to use this framework to handle error responses.
Oduah Chigozie
5 min read

panic! vs. error in Rust

All in all, Rust has two kinds of errors, an error value returned from the Result type, and an error generated from triggering the...
Austin Roy Omondi
8 min read

Create an API in Rust with SQLite and Rocket

This tutorial shows how to build a to-do API using Rocket and Diesel. Learn how Rust handles connections to a SQLite database using Rocket.
MacBobby Chibuzor
6 min read

Optimizing your Rust code with closures: Environment capturing

Learn about environment capturing in Rust with closures and how you can use closures to optimize your code.
Ikeh Akinyemi
7 min read

Practical use cases for Rust tuples

Learn how and when to use tuples, structs, and tuple structs in Rust to return multiple results from your functions.
Matteo Di Pirro
5 min read

Build a real-time chat app with Rust and React

Learn to build a real-time chat app that's fast and reliable, using Rust and React. WebSockets enables the client-server communication.
Ahmad Rosid
25 min read

How to choose the right Rust HTTP client

Explore the main features of six Rust HTTP clients, including reqwest and libcurl, and how to make GET and POST requests with each.
Michiel Mulders
8 min read

How to build a Rust API with the builder…

The Rust build pattern is deceptively simple: create an object that can hold all values and let it create our type when all the...
Andre Bogus
7 min read

How to debug Rust with VS Code

Let's set up with Rust and VS Code for debugging and developing projects with this popular programming language and open source IDE.
Lewis Cianci
4 min read