Mario Zupan
Dec 14, 2020 ⋅ 15 min read

libp2p tutorial: Build a peer-to-peer app in Rust

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3 Replies to "libp2p tutorial: Build a peer-to-peer app in Rust"

  1. Nice, extending bit basic example available in source, but I think it should be fair to highlight that this example is oversimplified:
    1) it’s using only mDNS for peers discovery so it’ll never get beyond local network
    2) Using floodsub for for responses to particular query is real overkill – response needs to go one node, but it’s amplified all overlay (taking into consideration already inefficient floodsub message replication)

    So couple more things to try:
    1) Enable bootstrap nodes (as already used in libp2p examples)
    2) Use RequestReply NetworkBehaviour to send replies to list query just to interested nodes (might require to include requestor in list broadcast)
    3) Use more efficient Gossipsub instead of Floodsub – basically same interface, so not so much changes

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