How to build a blockchain with Go

How to build a blockchain with Go

This tutorial aims to teach you how blockchains work by guiding you through building one from scratch with Go.
Solomon Esenyi
6 min read
Advanced Blockchain Functions Snapshot

The importance of snapshots in advanced blockchain functions

Snapshots allow new nodes to catch-up with the network by downloading only the most recent states from the blockchain.
Hamsa Harcourt
4 min read
Use Magic With The Ethereum Blockchain

Use Magic with the Ethereum blockchain

Learn about Magic, an SDK that enables passwordless authentication, and how it integrates with the Ethereal blockchain.
Chibuike Nwachukwu
6 min read
Ethereum Logo With a Bird

Design and build a blockchain social media platform

Let's design and build an immutable, decentralized blockchain social media platform, called Chirper, that will run on top of Ethereum.
Ori Pomerantz
10 min read
Ethereum Logo Over Colorful Swirly Background

Leveraging chaos engineering to test Ethereum clients

This overview of chaos engineering principles introduces the ChaosEth framework and how to use it for resilience testing of a GETH...
MacBobby Chibuzor
5 min read
Developing And Deploying Tezos Smart Contracts

Developing and deploying Tezos smart contracts

Learn how to develop and deploy Tezos smart contracts, what to consider when comparing Tezos vs. Ethereum, and more in this...
Oduah Chigozie
7 min read
Blockchain Symbol

Tools for smart contract automation: Guide with examples

This article explores the core concepts of smart contract automation and reviews the pros and cons of popular smart contract automation...
Deborah Emeni
8 min read
How To Build A Blockchain Charity Or Crowdsourcing Platform

How to build a blockchain charity or crowdsourcing platform

A blockchain-based charity organization could foster a renewed trust among givers. We will build a simple, functional charity organization for this...
Rosario De Chiara
5 min read
Ethereum Development in Go using Go-Ethereum (GETH)

Ethereum Development in Go using Go-Ethereum

Learn how to interact with the Ethereum blockchain with the Go programming language using the Go-Ethereum package.
Ukeje Goodness
6 min read

How to write an ERC-4626 token contract for yield-bearing vaults

In April 2022, Yearn Finance, a popular DEFI protocol, announced its support for the newly introduced Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC)-4626...
Joel Adewole
6 min read
Solidity Logo Over Pink Background and Nested Bowls

Nested smart contracts: Creating a contract within a contract

Nesting smart contracts, or creating a contract within a contract, can provide additional security for your project.
Scofield Idehen
5 min read
Voby Vs Solid JS

Comparing SolidJS and Voby

Voby works well to create a performant and reactive application, so it's definitely something to keep an eye on in the...
Alex Merced
4 min read