Hulya Karakaya
Aug 26, 2021 ⋅ 7 min read

Building a responsive navbar in Tailwind CSS

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4 Replies to "Building a responsive navbar in Tailwind CSS"

  1. This is bs. This is not responsive navbar. A responsive navbar would switch the color of the page you are on after you click on it. This is a hovering effect, not responsive. Please tell me what is so responsive about this? Total waste of my time setting this all up. If I wanted a hover effect, I couldve just implemented it. Responsive in my eyes is when you click the button, the button lights up to tell you which page your on.

    1. “Responsive” means the component behaves correctly when the screen size changes. e.g. a navbar turns into a hamburger menu on mobile instead of running miles off the side of the page.

      Responsive has nothing to do with spiffing effects like color changes.

      The only total waste of time around here is the energy you spent spouting off at something because you didn’t have the requisite knowledge to understand what’s going on. Be more polite to those that have provided free information that is actually useful to those who know what’s going on.

  2. Hi,
    I’m refactoring an Aurelia 1x app to htmx and using tailwindcss when I thankfully found this post. My routes are parital re-loads and not full page reloads. When in mobile mode I’d like to toggle menu off after making a menu selection which I know is just missing some extra javascript code. Any assistance appeciated,
    Thanks for this terrific post.


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