Hulya Karakaya A frontend developer interested in open source and building amazing websites. I believe in building through collaboration and contribution.


9 Stories by Hulya Karakaya

Building an adaptive, accessible UI library with React Aria

Build an adaptive, accessible UI library with React Aria that invests in an inclusive user experience.
0 7 min read

Build an accessible modal with focus-trap-react

Use the focus-trap-react component to build user interfaces like modals and dropdown menus that are accessible to all users.
0 7 min read

Comparing top Node.js frameworks for frontend developers

Compare a few popular Node.js frameworks, including Express, Koa,, Fastify, and NestJS, according to their usage, features, disadvantages, downloads, and more.
5 10 min read

Creating a React context menu

Explore how to create a React context menu, the shortcuts to activate right-click menus, and how to create a custom context menu Hook.
4 7 min read

How to use celebrate with Node.js

Learn how to use joi and celebrate to ease the stress of validating user inputs in your Node.js apps in this complete tutorial.
3 7 min read

Manage Node.js versions using asdf

Switching between language versions in a project can be time-consuming; try asdf to easily manage versions of Node.js in your next app.
0 4 min read

How to configure CSS Modules for webpack

Increase the flexibility of your app's CSS components with CSS Modules and Webpack in this handy tutorial and demo app build.
0 3 min read

Building a responsive navbar in Tailwind CSS

Learn how to build a responsive navbar for desktop, tablets, and mobile in Tailwind without touching a line of CSS.
4 7 min read

Managing DOM components with ReactDOM

Learn to expertly manage DOM components in a React app, including a deep dive into each ReactDOM method, with this comprehensive tutorial.
0 10 min read