Hussain Arif

  Hussain is a CS student in Pakistan whose biggest interest is learning and teaching programming to make the world a better place.


18 Stories by Hussain Arif

A deep dive into React Native FlatList

FlatList is a React Native component that allows you to render lists with zero hassle and minimal code. Learn how to use and customize...
7 9 min read

A complete guide to TextInput in React Native

Learn how to implement React Native's TextInput component and customize it to collect user inputs in your project.
0 4 min read

Building an animated loader in React Native

This tutorial will walk you through how to build an animated loader in React Native using a couple different libraries.
0 3 min read

Data fetching with React Native

Should you use the inbuilt Fetch API, GraphQL, or something else to fetch data in React Native? Learn what works for your use case.
2 10 min read

React Icons: A comprehensive tutorial with examples

Learn how to use the React Icons library to display icons in your project with some help from React Hooks and React's Context API.
0 4 min read

Intro to Clio lang: Ship performance-critical JS with ease

Clio is a promising programming language that's a viable candidate for performance-critical applications. Learn more with this quick introduction.
4 5 min read