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An app designer’s guide to responsive mobile UX

Dive into the world of mobile UX design and explore the best practices, common challenges, and examples of apps that are doing it right.
Eric Chung
9 min read

How to use Android Debug Bridge for advanced troubleshooting

Learning how to use the Android Debug Bridge and its powerful features is a must for any serious Android developer.
Lewis Cianci
6 min read

Getting started with Realm for React Native

Learn how to get started with Realm and Realm Studio, an easier alternative to SQLite, for database management in React Native apps.
Mamta Dalal
12 min read

Integrating augmented and virtual reality into a Node.js app

Enhance the virtual elements of your Node.js app using the A-Frame and AR.js libraries.
Carlos Mucuho
9 min read

MDX integration strategies for Next.js

This article will explore three unique strategies for easily integrating MDX into your Next.js applications.
Georgey V B
8 min read

How to design nondestructive cancel buttons

What can we do as UX designers to ensure users have an easy time canceling, deleting, clearing, returning to a previous state, etc.?
Daniel Schwarz
6 min read

Pinning Rust async data types for memory safety

We investigate different methods for implementing pinning with async data in Rust and look at how to safely access pinned data.
Ahmad Rosid
9 min read

Building a Rust parser using Pest and PEG

In this article, we explored Pest — a Rust parser generator — and why we need to use parser generators to generate parsers.
Yashodhan Joshi
16 min read

Exploring the satisfies operator in TypeScript

TypeScript's satisfies operator is a type guard that makes it easier to write code that performs type checking.
Samuel Martins
6 min read

Building a multi-framework dashboard with Astro

Astro lets you implement multiple frameworks in one project, providing many performance and UX/DX benefits. Learn how to integrate them here!
Emanuel Suriano
17 min read

Create a full-page background with CSS

Set full-page backgrounds using CSS properties like background-blend-mode to improve user experience on your website.
Yasoob Khalid
4 min read

Build a fintech app with Plaid and React Native

Use Plaid and React Native to build a fintech app for both iOS and Android. Leverage Plaid Link flow to display wallet balance and...
Mukesh Mandiwal
5 min read