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Easy ways to send emails in Go

Sending emails is a great way to keep in touch with your app users, and knowing how to send emails programmatically is always a...
Paul Akinyemi
4 min read

Search filter principles for better UX

Let's examine examples of poorly implemented search filters and highlight some tips you can use to produce a satisfying filtering experience.
Chinwike Maduabuchi
4 min read

Mocking GraphQL requests using the React Apollo library

Mock GraphQL requests using the React Apollo library, which offers tools that can be integrated into React components.
Hassan Djirdeh
5 min read

Go migration guide: Node.js, Python, and Rust

This article will serve as an overview of Go migration for Rust, Node.js, and the Python programming language.
Solomon Esenyi
6 min read

Using Riot.js, a component-based UI library

We take a deep dive into Riot.js, compare it to the native Web Components API, and demonstrate how to use Riot.js to build a...
Clara Ekekenta
9 min read

How to debug TypeScript in Chrome

Learn how to debut apps written in TypeScript (both frontend and backend, as well as using Node.js and Deno) using Chrome DevTools.
Shalitha Suranga
8 min read

How usability testing can inform UX teams

Testing a product's usability is a way to evaluate how simple it is to use, and that feedback can be invaluable for UX teams.
Srikar Suresh
10 min read

Understanding Docker container monitoring

Learn the importance of Docker container monitoring and using tools like the docker stats command, Prometheus, and cAdvisor.
Brain Aboze
7 min read

Using Rust with Axum for error handling

Get a refresher on using Rust and Axum to build a web service, along with how to use this framework to handle error responses.
Oduah Chigozie
5 min read

How to analyze your Next.js app bundles

Learn how to analyze your Next.js app bundles to identify areas for optimization, reduce your codebase, and improve app performance.
Pelumi Akintokun
5 min read

A guide to visual hierarchy in UX design

Visual hierarchy is incredibly powerful, and you can implement it just by applying some pretty common style properties.
Daniel Schwarz
5 min read

Building an Android app with GraphQL

In this article, we will talk about GraphQL, where it shines over REST, and connect an Android application to a GraphQL server.
Emmanuel Enya
6 min read