Build Customizable Segmented Control SwiftUI

Build a SwiftUI customizable segmented control

Learn how to use SwiftUI to build a customizable segmented control for your iOS apps. We explore limitations of the...
Alejandro Ulate Fallas
8 min read
Simplify Codebase Swift Decorator Design Pattern

Simplify your codebase with Swift’s decorator design pattern

Delve into the power of decorator design patterns in Swift, learning how they can simplify your codebase and improve its structure.
Yusuf Ahmed
3 min read
Build iOS Lock Screen Widget

Building iOS Lock Screen widgets

Learn how to add rectangular, inline, and circular widgets to your iOS app's Lock Screen for enhanced user experience.
Rudrank Riyam
6 min read
Standardize Emoji ios Display Android

Standardizing emoji display across Android and iOS apps

Learn how to display iOS emojis in an Android app in this step-by-step tutorial, standardizing the look and feel of your...
Bhavya Mishra
3 min read
React Native Vs. Swift For IOS Development

React Native vs. Swift for iOS development

Compare building an iOS app using React Native vs. Swift, including which has better performance and the faster development lifecycle.
Victor Jonah
7 min read
XML Parsing In Swift: Tutorial With Examples

XML parsing in Swift: Tutorial with examples

Learn about Swift’s XMLParser, which allows you to manipulate XML files and offers features like namespace support.
Arjuna Sky Kok
7 min read
Getting Started With Result Builders In Swift

Getting started with result builders in Swift

Learn how to use result builders in Swift, including advanced functions like buildOptional, buildArray, and buildExpression.
Arjuna Sky Kok
6 min read
Getting Started With RegexBuilder On Swift

Getting started with RegexBuilder on Swift

Learn how to build regular expressions using Swift’s RegexBuilder, and review Regex concepts such as quantifiers and components.
Arjuna Sky Kok
6 min read
SwiftUI Logo

Implementing tags using SwiftUI

This guide demonstrates how to create a simple view for working with tags in SwiftUI. We’ll create a tag view in...
Rudrank Riyam
8 min read
Exploring Live Activities API

Exploring the iOS Live Activities API

Incorporating Live Activities into your iOS app enables you to provide real-time updates right on the Lock Screen or in the...
Rudrank Riyam
7 min read
Swift And Rust: A Comparison Guide

Swift vs. Rust: Comparison guide

Apple built Swift to replace Objective-C and the Mozilla Foundation built Rust as a substitute for C++ for writing memory-safe code.
Solomon Esenyi
4 min read
Working Calendars Swift

Working with calendars in Swift

Use a popular calendar library called FSCalendar in Swift to create a calendar for handling and manipulating dates.
Rupesh Chaudhari
8 min read