Rudrank Riyam

  Apple Platforms developer. WWDC '19 scholar.


13 Stories by Rudrank Riyam

Building iOS Lock Screen widgets

Learn how to add rectangular, inline, and circular widgets to your iOS app's Lock Screen for enhanced user experience.
0 6 min read

Implementing tags using SwiftUI

This guide demonstrates how to create a simple view for working with tags in SwiftUI. We’ll create a tag view in a sample quotation...
0 8 min read

Exploring the iOS Live Activities API

Incorporating Live Activities into your iOS app enables you to provide real-time updates right on the Lock Screen or in the Dynamic Island.
1 7 min read

Using UIPickerView in Swift forms: Tutorial with examples

Let's explore how to use UIPickerView in Swift forms to provide users with a selection of data choices presented in a wheel format.
0 8 min read

Adding GIFs to your iOS app with FLAnimatedImage and SwiftUI

Learn how to easily add animated GIFs to your iOS apps using a performant engine, FLAnimatedImage by Flipboard, and SwiftUI.
0 8 min read

Simplify JSON parsing in Swift using Codable

In this article, we’ll investigate simplifying JSON parsing in Swift using Codable. We’ll also review several practical JSON use cases.
0 11 min read

Mastering typealias in Swift

In this article, we review some basic and advanced examples of the typealias function in Swift, which can help make code more readable and...
0 6 min read

A complete guide to the Swift defer statement

Learn about Swift’s defer statement and syntax, and examine several real-world use cases that you can use in practice.
0 4 min read

Building custom charts in SwiftUI

SwiftUI can be used to build charts for iOS apps faster as it requires less code. In this article, we use SwiftUI to create...
2 6 min read

How to create a framework in Swift

Learn how to create frameworks in Swift through Xcode to make your code modularized and reusable.
1 4 min read

Swift extensions: An overview with examples

Extensions in Swift are a way to add your functionality to types you do not own. This overview will show you how they work.
0 3 min read

for-in loops in Swift tutorial

Learn how to use for-in loops for Swift, including examples using arrays, range operators, dictionaries, and enums.
0 7 min read