Solomon Esenyi

  Python/Golang developer and Technical Writer with a passion for open-source, cryptography, and serverless technologies.


15 Stories by Solomon Esenyi

Go migration guide: Node.js, Python, and Rust

This article will serve as an overview of Go migration for Rust, Node.js, and the Python programming language.
0 6 min read

Leverage Go workspaces for multi-module local development

In this article, we will explore what Go workspaces are and the various use cases you can explore with the workspaces feature.
0 4 min read

Best methods for unzipping files in Node.js

Learn the best methods for zipping and unzipping files in Node.js using the decompress, adm-zip, zlib, unzipper, and jszip packages.
0 5 min read

Swift vs. Rust: Comparison guide

Apple built Swift to replace Objective-C and the Mozilla Foundation built Rust as a substitute for C++ for writing memory-safe code.
1 4 min read

Comparing Rust and Nim

Rust and Nim have many similarities and differences in aspects of design, syntax, use cases, and more, making them viable alternatives for one another.
0 7 min read

Integrating MongoDB into Go applications

Learn how to integrate MongoDB into Go applications using the official MongoDB Go driver, which also supports working with Go structs.
0 10 min read

Exploring Carbon, the new superset of C++

Carbon is an open source, statically-typed, compiled programming language initially built by Google to succeed C++. and offering developers modern programming practices.
0 5 min read

The state of Rust GUI libraries

Developers have used Rust for things, including building GUIs. You can use many packages and crates to develop fast, complex GUI applications in Rust.
4 8 min read

Using CSS subgrids with container queries

CSS container queries are a necessity when creating responsive layouts, and with subgrids, you can prevent annoying formatting breaks, too.
0 5 min read

Comparing tools for optimizing performance in React

Good UX means optimizing your React apps as much as possible. Learn about the best tools for the job in this in-depth comparison.
0 8 min read

How to build a blockchain from scratch with Go

Discover why Go is a great choice for building a blockchain, plus a step-by-step tutorial for how you can implement it yourself.
2 5 min read

How to create a Solana wallet with Go

Build a cryptocurrency wallet with Go in this step-by-step Solana tutorial to hone your blockchain development skills.
0 7 min read