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9 Stories by Oduah Chigozie

Building a Rust Discord bot with Shuttle and Serenity

Discord bots can save server owners and staff members a lot of time and effort while also providing a variety of useful features to...
0 6 min read

Using Rust with Axum for error handling

Get a refresher on using Rust and Axum to build a web service, along with how to use this framework to handle error responses.
0 5 min read

Using Cap’n Proto in Rust to serialize and deserialize objects

Cap'n Proto makes Rust object serialization and deserialization more efficient through the use of a schema. Let's explore how this works.
0 5 min read

Building Rust microservices with Apache Kafka

In this article, you’ll learn how to build a basic Rust microservice with Apache Kafka to store and delete texts.
0 8 min read

Developing and deploying Tezos smart contracts

Learn how to develop and deploy Tezos smart contracts, what to consider when comparing Tezos vs. Ethereum, and more in this article.
0 7 min read

Building a REST API in Rust with Rhai and Actix Web

Learn how to build Rust REST APIs with Rhai — a high-level scripting language similar to JavaScript — and the Actix Web framework.
0 8 min read

Integrating Web3 into Vue applications

Cover the basics of using Web3 in Vue applications, including the installation process and interacting with smart contracts.
0 5 min read

Rust enums and pattern matching

Learn the basics of pattern matching and enums in Rust, including error handling, handling null values, and more.
0 6 min read

A definitive guide to Vue 3 components

Vue apps consist of components, which are reusable pieces of UI code that build functional and complex web applications.
4 8 min read