MacBobby Chibuzor

  Go, Solidity, and Haskell developer interested in the cloud native world and blockchain technology. A fanatic for technical writing and open source contribution.


8 Stories by MacBobby Chibuzor

Linting in Rust with Clippy

We investigate linting, linting levels, and categories, and demonstrate how to use Clippy to check if Rust code is idiomatic and correct.
0 5 min read

Create an API in Rust with SQLite and Rocket

This tutorial shows how to build a to-do API using Rocket and Diesel. Learn how Rust handles connections to a SQLite database using Rocket.
7 6 min read

A complete guide to running Rust on Arduino

Learn how to run Rust on Arduino, an AVR microcontroller.
2 5 min read

Inspect your code with Docker and SonarQube

Discover how to set up SonarQube within Docker, configure it for your language of choice, and produce reports on code quality.
0 5 min read

Leveraging chaos engineering to test Ethereum clients

This overview of chaos engineering principles introduces the ChaosEth framework and how to use it for resilience testing of a GETH client.
0 5 min read

Smart contract development: Common mistakes to avoid

We'll review common smart contract vulnerabilities and development mistakes to avoid: reentrancy, cross-function race conditions, transaction order dependence, and more.
2 11 min read

Full-stack DApp tutorial with Vite + React, Tailwind CSS, and Solidity

This step-by-step process demonstrates how to build a full-stack DApp that could be an NFT marketplace or exchange platform for trading Ethereum.
2 6 min read

Streamline KYC verification with Hyperledger Fabric and Go

Discover how the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain framework can be used with Go to streamline KYC verification.
0 6 min read