Michiel Mulders

  https://medium.com/@michielmulders Michiel loves the NodeJS and Golang programming languages. A backend/core blockchain developer and avid writer, he's very passionate about blockchain technology.


6 Stories by Michiel Mulders

Create scalable JavaScript and TypeScript file structures with Destiny

Destiny is an open-source project that scans folders for file dependencies and places the files in a fractal structure, where they are "destined" to...
0 4 min read

Creating a web server with Golang

Golang is a great language for creating simple yet efficient web servers and web services. Learn how to create a web server that can...
0 6 min read

Exploring the possibilities of Golang string formatting

Strings enable developers to display values to the user, such as showing the most important properties of an object. Learn how to use Golang's...
0 4 min read

Create a movie rating app with Keystone.js

Learn how to build a movie rating app with Keystone.js, a flexible CMS with GraphQL support that enables you to quickly define schemas and...
0 6 min read

Functional programming in Go

Learn how the functional programming paradigm can help you write code that is more readable, easier to test, and less complex due to the...
0 6 min read

How to bootstrap your project with JSON Server

Learn how json-server can help you create a fake REST API to validate how your app reacts when receiving data from the backend.
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