js libraries

Creating cross-platform apps with NW.js

NW.js is a powerful alternative to Electron for native application development that offers a range of great integrations.
Diogo Souza
5 min read

Getting started with JavaScript for PHP developers

Switch from PHP to JavaScript for improved performance, flexibility, and application compatibility that will make coding both frontend and backend projects easier.
Kenneth Ekandem
5 min read

JavaScript garbage collection: Browser vs. server

Compare different garbage collection algorithms in JavaScript and Node.js and understand how they work in the browser and server.
Diogo Souza
5 min read

Intro to Forgo.JS, an ultra-lightweight UI runtime

Examine the differences in behavior between React and Forgo, a lightweight 4KB JavaScript library for creating web apps.
John Au-Yeung
5 min read

First look at Aleph.js: A new React framework in…

Aleph.js is an up-and-coming Rust powered framework that aids developers in customizing and deploying webpages in dynamic ways.
Jessica S. Reuter Castrogiovanni
3 min read

Using GSAP 3 for web animation

GSAP is a great choice for web animation library for those who prioritize speed, flexibility, and control.
Elizabeth Amaechi
6 min read

Comparing the best new JavaScript frameworks to React

Compare newer frontend JavaScript frameworks like Aurelia, hyperHTML, Svelte, and Preact to React, a framework that focuses on user interface.
Hafsah Emekoma
9 min read

The top JavaScript data visualization libraries for 2021

Explore common data visualization libraries including: Highcharts, Toast UI Chart, D3.js, Recharts, and Chart.js to determine which will best improve the functionality of your...
Alexander Nnakwue
7 min read

AWS Amplify: A review of advanced features

Amplify, a newer command line interface, takes care of everything from pumping up CI/CD to managing user content, so developers can focus on code....
Vivek Sonar
5 min read

Best JavaScript machine learning libraries in 2021

Here are the best JavaScript libraries in 2021 you can use when engaging with machine learning or data science.
Shanika Wickramasinghe
7 min read

Working with classes in curtains.js

The class modules introduced in curtains.js v7 improve code readability and help to create a more streamlined build.
Belinda Ijeoma
5 min read

Using D3 data visualization to create a calendar app

While D3 might not be the first tool you'd think to reach for to build a calendar app, there's a lot to be learned...
Brady Dowling
6 min read