Fimber Elemuwa

  I'm a freelance web developer and certified SEO Content writer. I dabble a bit in poetry and I LOVE CHESS.


4 Stories by Fimber Elemuwa

The basics of lighting in Unity

Explore Unity light types, like Point Lights, and light modes, like Real-time Lighting, to master lighting in your Unity game.
0 4 min read

Use CSS to style a button with accessibility in mind

Learn how to style buttons in CSS to improve your webpage's accessibility for users with assistive devices, and to rank higher in search.
0 5 min read

Understanding and using the new CSS style queries

Improve responsive web development by applying CSS container style queries, which allow you to query components based on their size or style.
0 4 min read

When and how to choose between media queries and container queries

Learn the difference between media and container queries and how to use both in CSS.
0 7 min read