Improving microservice architecture with GraphQL API gateways

Learn to use GraphQL API gateways with a single-defined schema to improve microservice architecture and future development.
Alec Brunelle
4 min read

Securing GraphQL API endpoints using rate limits and depth…

See how to secure your GraphQL API endpoints to prevent API spam and query attacks with rate and depth limiting.
Kumar Abhirup
6 min read

5 GraphQL clients for JavaScript and Node.js

Compare graphql-request, Apollo Client, urql, Relay, and graphql-hooks in terms of functionality, community support, and size.
Chisimdiri Ejinkeonye
4 min read

Designing a URL-based query syntax for GraphQL

See how to design a single-line URL-based query syntax for GraphQL servers that is simple to read and write.
Leonardo Losoviz
13 min read

Simplify GraphQL requests with React Query, GraphQL Code Generator,…

Take advantage of GraphQL on the frontend by automating the creation of TypeScript types and the generation of custom React Query hooks using GraphQL...
Iva Kop
3 min read

CRUD with React and GraphQL: A complete tutorial with…

GraphQL simplifies CRUD by abstracting requests to a single endpoint.
Avanthika Meenakshi
7 min read

HTTP caching in GraphQL

GraphQL's lack of support for server-side caching is a well-known disadvantage. But there are indeed ways to use HTTP caching with GraphQL.
Leonardo Losoviz
6 min read

What’s new in Relay v11

Learn what's new in the latest version of Relay right here, where we explore v11 and how to create reliable React and GraphQL applications.
Leonardo Maldonado
5 min read

Why you shouldn’t use GraphQL

Are GraphQL performance issues getting you down? Learn why GraphQL could be a bad fit for your project and when to use GraphQL vs....
Esteban Herrera
6 min read

GraphQL Modules tutorial: How to modularize GraphQL schema

Learn how GraphQL Modules can help create reusable, testable and extendable modules by separating your server into smaller feature based modules.
Godwin Ekuma
6 min read

How to set up a GraphQL API using Serverless…

Here, you can learn how to set up a serverless project using the Serverless Framework by building a sample GraphQL to-do API.
Brian Njenga
16 min read

Supporting opt-in nested mutations in GraphQL

We argue the benefits of supporting nested mutations as an opt-in feature in GraphQL.
Leonardo Losoviz
8 min read