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GraphQL Modules tutorial: How to modularize GraphQL schema

Learn how GraphQL Modules can help create reusable, testable and extendable modules by separating your server into smaller feature based modules.
0 6 min read

How to use AccessControl for RBAC and ABAC in Node.js

Use AccessControl for RBAC and ABAC for authorization in a server-side application and authorize routes and UI elements in a client-side application.
1 4 min read

GraphQL API mocking with json-graphql-server

API mocking is a great way to prototype your application when live data is unavailable or unreliable. Learn how to mock GraphQL APIs with...
0 2 min read

Switching from GraphQL to REST? Take a load off with Sofa

Sofa takes advantage of GraphQL’s standardized schemas and resolvers to map certain API concepts back to REST. It is designed to help you speed...
1 7 min read

Scheduling tasks in Node.js using node-cron

Task scheduling enables you to schedule arbitrary code (methods/functions) and commands to be executed at a fixed date and time, at recurring intervals, or...
2 3 min read

Asynchronous task processing in Node.js with Bull

Queues are helpful for solving common application scaling and performance challenges in an elegant way. Bull is an abstraction/wrapper that takes care of all...
2 5 min read

Angular 10 is now available. Here’s what you need to know

A mere four months after the release of version 9, Angular 10 comes complete with new features, breaking changes, and deprecated APIs. In this...
1 2 min read

Getting started with Neo4j

Learn how to get started with Neo4j, an open-source, NoSQL, native graph database that provides an ACID-compliant transactional backend for your applications.
0 12 min read

How to build a GraphQL API with NestJS

GraphQL provides a complete and understandable description of the data in your API, gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they need,...
0 6 min read

Getting started with Alpine.js

Learn how to use Alpine.js — a rugged, minimal frontend development framework for adding JavaScript behavior to HTML markups — to harness the reactive...
2 7 min read

Quickly build schema-based forms in React with uniforms

Learn how you can use uniforms to render, validate and submit forms, manage states, and eliminate the hassle of writing JavaScript logic for data...
0 3 min read

Image processing with Node and Jimp

With Jimp, you can easily manipulate images to fit the design specifications of your app while improving the user experience and minimizing bandwidth.
0 3 min read