Aman Mittal
Apr 25, 2023 â‹… 16 min read

How to use React Router v6 in React apps

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10 Replies to "How to use React Router v6 in React apps"

  1. How can we add different content in there different component based on a single route? Assume we have a 3 column layout and then based on a route it has to update different content in the three columns. I tried using Outlet, however I am not able to send different content, right now all the three column content are same.

  2. dont quite understand where to put the nested route, it cannot be in the same place as the component which has the same path (=”/”) and you say rest of the code should be left as it was…

    <Route path="/" element={} /> <—- ?
    <Route path="/about" element={} />
    <Route path="posts" element={}>
    <Route path="/" element={} /> <—- ?

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