When and how to choose HTML for form validation

Client-side form validation such as HTML5 gives users near-immediate feedback about whether or not their input data is valid.
Joe Attardi
7 min read

Why you should be using the dialog element

The native HTML element presents dialog boxes such as alerts, confirmations, inspectors, or subwindows.
Amit Merchant
4 min read

Building modern sliders with HTML, CSS, and Swiper

Swiper is a wonderful tool for creating sliders. Learn how to use it to build interactive, intuitive elements that work natively anywhere.
Brain Aboze
11 min read

What you need to know about inbuilt browser HTML…

Read up on the experimental, inbuilt browser API for HTML sanitization in this post and learn how you can better prepare for XSS attacks.
Shalitha Suranga
9 min read

Understanding static HTML export in Next.js

Learn why you should use HTML static exporting from a Next.js application, HTML static export use cases, and how you can do it yourself.
Coner Murphy
4 min read

Going serverless with Eleventy

Let's walk through how to configure Eleventy and how to use Eleventy Serverless to handle asynchronous logic in a real-world project.
David Atanda
4 min read

Credit card form web component tutorial

Learn how web components work across different platforms as custom HTML elements by building a credit card form.
John Rhea
10 min read

Deprecated HTML elements (and what to use instead)

This overview covers the changes introduced with HTML5 and proposes some alternative approaches to achieve equivalent effects.
Hafsah Emekoma
9 min read

Using Vue.js slots to pass HTML content to components

Learn how using Vue.js slots can be an efficient solution for passing down template code from one component to another.
Nwose Lotanna
5 min read

Uncommon HTML tags that improve web semantics

Learn the proper way to use uncommon HTML tags that'll make for a more semantic website, better accessibility, and improved SEO.
Mark Conroy
7 min read

Parsing HTML in Node.js with Cheerio

Cheerio provides a concise markup perfect for parsing HTML and working with XML documents for your Node.js project.
Elijah Asaolu
5 min read

Improving performance with HTML responsive images

Speed up your page load times and serve browser-sensitive images with tips from this tutorial on HTML responsive images.
Anna Monus
8 min read