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Build a Slack bot with Slack Machine

Set up the Slack Machine, a robust and extendable framework that helps you develop your Slack workspace into a ChatOps powerhouse.
Wamaitha Nyamu
8 min read

Using Cap’n Proto in Rust to serialize and deserialize…

Cap'n Proto makes Rust object serialization and deserialization more efficient through the use of a schema. Let's explore how this works.
Oduah Chigozie
5 min read

Implementing serverless authentication with Netlify Identity

Authentication is an important part of any major web application, and having a service like Netlify Identity can help you manage it.
Chinwike Maduabuchi
7 min read

Build a secure mobile banking app with Flutter

In this article, we will learn about the essential aspects of building secure mobile banking apps with Flutter and build our own.
David Tengeri
13 min read

Using React Flow to plan a React project

Successful projects need adequate planning and architecture. Here, we will look at how to use React Flow to plan your next React project.
Isaac Okoro
4 min read

NestJS vs. ASP.NET: Comparing web frameworks

On a broader scale, there aren’t many differences between NestJS and ASP.NET. There’s a lot of overlap in the philosophies they pursue, most evidently...
Agustinus Theodorus
6 min read

Comparing Redux vs. Vuex

Let's explore how both Redux and Vuex work and determine which popular state management library solution is best for your project.
Amarachi Amaechi
10 min read

Building a full-stack TypeScript application with Turborepo

Learn how to build a simple full-stack application with React and Node.js and see how the process can be improved with Turborepo.
Omar Elhawary
9 min read

Flutter CI/CD using GitHub Actions

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to deploy your Flutter app following CI/CD principles with GitHub Actions as a tool.
Himanshu Sharma
9 min read

Exploring the best Laravel chart libraries

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best chart libraries in Laravel and how you can use them in your projects.
Samson Omojola
9 min read

Build a site search with Lyra and TypeScript

Lyra is a full-fledged search feature developed with TypeScript that helps developers perform data queries and can also provide suggestions and auto-completes.
Victory Tuduo
8 min read

Error handling in Go: Best practices

Tackling errors in Go requires a different approach than the conventional methods in other mainstream programming languages.
Raphael Ugwu
7 min read