Ashley Davis
Aug 25, 2021 ⋅ 13 min read

Make sharing TypeScript code and types quick and easy

Ashley Davis Ashley Davis is a software craftsman and author. He is VP of Engineering at Hone and currently writing Rapid Fullstack Development and the second edition of Bootstrapping Microservices. Follow on Twitter for updates.

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One Reply to "Make sharing TypeScript code and types quick and easy"

  1. Interesting article. Compilers/transpilers/linters are awesome. Coming from C/C++ myself, it is easy to try and become a compiler instead of having one do that job for you.

    DRY is an anti-pattern. But the modularity you mention is SOLID + KISS principle.

    I highly recommend checking out deno and getting react to run under it. There is even a npm package that installs deno to node_modules so you can migrate away from node at your own pace. Deno is created by Ryan Dahl, the creator of node.

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