Uzochukwu Eddie Odozi
Jun 21, 2023 ⋅ 18 min read

How to create a custom toast component with React

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9 Replies to "How to create a custom toast component with React"

  1. Hi Eddie, thank you very much for your detailled explanation. I have modified your coding a little bit to suit my needs perfectly but I´m currently struggeling to get it working properly. Here is my coding so far:

    My component is called Notification and is receiving a variable called message via props. This props is an object containing either nothing (empty object) or a few attributes. Based on the attribute “type” the notification is rendered. With my coding I don´t have any notification banner on my page. Can you help me through this?

    import React, {useEffect} from “react”;
    import successIcon from “../../../assets/images/check.svg”;
    import warningIcon from “../../../assets/images/warning.svg”;
    import errorIcon from “../../../assets/images/error.svg”;
    import infoIcon from “../../../assets/images/check.svg”;
    import “./Notification.module.css”

    const Notification = props => {
    let notificationProperties = null;
    const { message } = props;

    if (Object.keys(message).length > 0) {
    const id = Math.floor((Math.random() * 262) + 1);
    switch (props.message.type) {
    case ‘success’:
    notificationProperties = {
    title: ‘Success’,
    text: props.message.text,
    backgroundColor: ‘#5cb85c’,
    icon: successIcon
    case ‘error’:
    notificationProperties = {
    title: ‘Error’,
    text: props.message.text,
    backgroundColor: ‘#d9534f’,
    icon: errorIcon
    case ‘warning’:
    notificationProperties = {
    title: ‘Warning’,
    text: props.message.text,
    backgroundColor: ‘#f0ad4e’,
    icon: warningIcon

    case ‘info’:
    notificationProperties = {
    title: ‘Info’,
    text: props.message.text,
    backgroundColor: ‘#5bc0de’,
    icon: infoIcon
    console.log(‘default clause…’);

    return (




    } else {

    export default Notification;

  2. where are you using the notification component?
    Instead of using if/else, you can use a useState hook.

    Do you have your code on github? If you do, share the link so i can see your complete code.

  3. I can´t share my repo link here in public. It´s almost working properly, I´m still having some css glitch, which I struggle most at the moment. Can I send you my repo link via mail or social media?

  4. Hello.
    You did a great tutorial there and I’m very happy because for several weeks I wanted to make alerts with React. Congratulations.
    I modified the code a little to separate the types of toast and to programmatically create toasts whose message changes depending on the situation.
    Everything seems to work fine but when I want to display the page, I get the following message:
    “Error: Too many re-renders. React limits the number of renders to prevent an infinite loop.”
    I have been trying in vain to solve the problem for several days now, but I am certainly not succeeding because I am new to React that I learn by autodidact.
    I have put all source code on github, here is the link:
    Could you help me ?

  5. Awesome tutorial, thank you! I tweaked that a bit to get it working all over my app with useAppContext() and didn’t have to need to differentiate between list and toastList anymore. Also I put the autoDeletion into a while loop and added [list] as the observed parameter so that it wouldn’t run all the time.

  6. The auto dismiss could use a bit of improvement so that instead of each component being dismissed x seconds after the previous, each is dismissed x seconds after they appear. Otherwise this is a nice toaster 😀

  7. Beautifully done. A nice piece of useful code that can be incorporated in larger projects which almost always need some sort of notifications present. One enhancement can be added, but will requires quite a bit of coding, is the clearing of the toast. It would be nice to see the toast clears the same way it enters, with a bit of animation. Unfortunately, this might require additional libraries such as react-transition-group or other wise add some delay for the css animation to complete before removing the toast from the ToastList. Otherwise excellent tutorial.

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