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Elijah Agbonze
Sep 1, 2023 ⋅ 14 min read

How to choose the best IDE for React Native

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2 Replies to "How to choose the best IDE for React Native"

  1. Good writeup.. but why would you consider webstorm for react native if intellij is an option?
    You will miss things like the avd manager (so you won’t need to start android studio for example to add, edit or delete virtual devices…
    Another example is you might need to use the database and intellij supports this out of the box where webstorm requires a license for this.

    Oh and vscode git (solving merge conflicts) is giving me nightmares where jetbrains software makes it so much easier!

    TL;DR intelijj over webstorm if you don’t mind the heavier idea and have the money.. it’s worth it imho. And vscode… Sure slot of people love it. I don’t :p

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