Shalitha Suranga
Feb 25, 2022 ⋅ 12 min read

Flutter vs. Ionic for cross-platform development

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3 Replies to "Flutter vs. Ionic for cross-platform development"

  1. Thanks for the balanced review. I’m one of the founders of Ionic and there’s one other critical aspect that people often overlook: commercial features and support. Ionic is a business and sells a variety of powerful cloud services, fully supported native solutions, and cloud services that are all built to pair perfectly with Ionic.

    This is a really important aspect that many people skip over. Google does not offer any kind of enterprise support for Flutter, nor does it support any integrations for services like Microsoft Authentication (MSAL), Intune, encryption/biometric support, etc. You can’t call Google for support if you’re building a mission-critical app, and there’s no guarantee of any kind of long term maintenance on Flutter components.

    This is fine if you’re an indie, but could be a big deal if you’re an enterprise putting a lot of money into your app.

  2. Hey just a heads up, Nationwide’s app is listed here as being an Ionic app, but the Nationwide app is actually built on Flutter.

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