Odili Charles Opute
Mar 15, 2023 ⋅ 13 min read

The complete best practices for minifying CSS

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5 Replies to "The complete best practices for minifying CSS"

  1. A complete article on minifying CSS. The majority of the articles, they cover that topic, in optimizing web assets. That is the first, complete separate article, that I read on minify CSS. well presented and well organized. One suggestion, for your CSS, minify tools section, you can also consider that link https://url-decode.com/tool/css-minifier to minify your CSS. Where other tools related to minify the web assets are also available. You must check it out.

  2. The source css fie has a size of 1.9 MB bute the resulting “minified” file has a size of 6.7 MB. That’s not what I have expected…

  3. I have come across many recommendations in using improved & minified CSS for our websites , but handling dead CSS & cssnano setup are new to me, hope these solutions have better impact on our code structure & page loading. Really thanks for your meaningful post.

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