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Anna Monus
Jan 14, 2022 ⋅ 11 min read

9 tricks to eliminate render blocking resources

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17 Replies to "9 tricks to eliminate render blocking resources"

    1. I used @ import for my website, djtconcept.ng, I compressed with gzip and minified it, and it reads 98% score on speed test, does it mean render blocking resources didn’t count. I will appreciate an answer

  1. Thank you very much, Anna Monus! This trick is very useful to my website and got faster than before. Btw do you have another tricks to eliminate render blocking resources for fontawesome css? Thanks again

  2. Thank you very much, Anna Monus! This trick is very useful to my website and got faster than before. Btw do you have another tricks to eliminate render blocking resources for fontawesome css? Thanks again

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  4. So, after step 1, I now know what my render blocking resources are… it just tells me to eliminate them…. but how? That was supposed to be the whole point of this article. I still don’t know how to eliminate them. The article assumes you have this knowledge…

  5. To be clear, well over half of these fall directly into ‘wouldn’t it be nice if we could’, not ‘we can’:

    Identify your render blocking resources – wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t?

    Don’t add CSS with the @import rule – sure

    Use the media attribute for conditional CSS – uhhhh, so rewrite the entire bootstrap CSS core file?

    Defer non-critical CSS – how? not using wordpress or anything other framework that allows third party plugins?

    Use the defer and async attributes to eliminate render-blocking JavaScript – how? how would anyone defer or asynchronously load third party JS? 🤷‍♂️

    Find and remove unused CSS and JavaScript – LOL, that is a realistic and completely achievable task

    Split code into smaller bundles – again, LOL?

    Minify CSS and JavaScript files – you can’t do this to third party scripts. you can’t do this to third party CSS resources.

    Load custom fonts locally – i guess three out of your nine is better than none, right?

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