John Reilly
May 19, 2022 ⋅ 8 min read

Build a progressive web app (PWA) with React

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7 Replies to "Build a progressive web app (PWA) with React"

  1. Great article to get started with PWA and being smart about breaking up code.

    Just wanted to point out something small that needs to be corrected in your article (where you break up the code in different chunks):

    It currently states:
    Note that we now have multiple *.chunk.js files: our initial main.*.chunk.js, then 3.*.chunk.js representing Home.tsx, and 4.*.chunk.js representing Home.tsx.

    As you can see you named them both Home.tsx instead of 1 About.tsx and 1 Home.tsx

  2. Two questions! So does create react totally handle what goes on in the service worker? I watched a tutorial where this logic was written manually, but it was not create react app.

    With a PWA is there any any difference in how we handle react state, for example the context api? Thank you.

  3. These days it is not necessary to write three different applications (web, ios, android).
    Take a look at react-native (ReactJS for IOs/Android) or Xamarin (C# for Android and IOS).
    But of course, a PWA nevertheless saves this effort independent from which second app you create.

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