Nathan Sebhastian
Jan 28, 2022 ⋅ 11 min read

Building forms with Formik in React

Nathan Sebhastian A senior software developer with experience in building fullstack JavaScript app with React and Express. You can find me online at sebhastian.com.

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2 Replies to "Building forms with Formik in React"

  1. Hello, I think I found a mistake in your codesandbox:

    This line:
    onSubmit={({ setSubmitting }) => {
    Must be written like this:
    onSubmit={(values, { setSubmitting }) => {


  2. Hello, i think in the following paragraph
    Then, the thread sleeps for 5 seconds and the setSubmitting is called with Boolean value false, which sets the isSubmitting to false and the button becomes disabled.

    The last phrase should be “which sets the isSubmitting to false and the button becomes enabled”

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