Nathan Sebhastian A senior software developer with experience in building fullstack JavaScript app with React and Express. You can find me online at


16 Stories by Nathan Sebhastian

Comparing schema validation libraries: Zod vs. Yup

Compare schema validation libraries, Zod and Yup, in terms of validating common data patterns such as primitives, objects, and arrays.
1 9 min read

Cleaner components with React Router Hooks

React has advanced through the introduction of Hooks, which allow the package to work well with functional components instead of normal class-based methods.
0 4 min read

Building forms with Formik in React

Learn how to use Formik in React to build forms by standardizing input components and the form submission flow.
2 11 min read

How passing props to component works in React

Master how to pass props (properties) to components in React with this useful beginner's guide, including demo code.
6 7 min read

Stitches: A modern, server-rendered CSS-in-JS library

Focus on component-based architecture using Stitches, a server-rendered CSS-in-JS library that provides built-in support for variants.
0 5 min read

How does UmiJS stack up against Next.js?

Both Umi and Next.js support routing and server-side rendering, as well as TypeScript, out of the box. Here's how the frameworks compare.
0 2 min read

7 popular icon libraries you can use for free

Universally recognized icons help users navigate and engage with your app. Best of all, you can access many icon libraries to use in your...
2 4 min read

Compiled: A CSS-in-JS library without the runtime cost

Learn how Compiled can help you take full advantage of the great developer experience of writing CSS-in-JS without sacrificing performance.
3 3 min read

Introduction to Hegel

Learn how to implement and use Hegel, a new type checker library that combines a static, strong type system with great type inference, and...
1 4 min read

Introduction to nanoSQL

nanoSQL provides a standardized query language that can be used in all types of supported databases, enabling you to connect multiple database systems without...
0 8 min read

Introduction to treat

Learn how treat can help you reduce CSS-in-JS runtime overhead while simultaneously providing legacy browser support and type safety.
2 2 min read

Introduction to Blitz.js

Gone are the days when creating a new project meant simply using Rails. With Blitz, you can deploy your application as a single entity...
0 4 min read