Ganesh Mani
Dec 7, 2021 ⋅ 6 min read

Why you don’t need to mix routing state with Redux

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2 Replies to "Why you don’t need to mix routing state with Redux"

  1. I can’t agree less.
    Redux is all about managing the entire state in a scalable way. Its useful to have the current page and parameters in the store instead of in an additional place accessed and modified in a different way.

    Its actually less complex.
    It is dynamic, you imply it isn’t.
    Browser history is supported by redux easily therefore the state of the navigation as well.

  2. Absolutely true. I think the biggest problem with all these articles saying redux is bad for X or Y simply didnt understand how to work with redux. Its super simple and VERY powerful. I just don’t get people who say anything else.

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