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Kingsley Ubah
Aug 24, 2022 ⋅ 7 min read

Addressing common errors in React Native

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2 Replies to "Addressing common errors in React Native"

  1. Thanks for the above solution. I am just not clear on one thing. Do I need to run react-native bundle everytime I add a new image to my application? It solved the server issue, but I have never had to do that on previous react-native projects.

  2. Hi Kingsley.

    I had the problem mentioned here.

    While your solution did work, I think there is a better one out there. I found this post https://proandroiddev.com/bundling-react-native-during-android-release-builds-ec52c24e200d, and it made me realise it may be something else, because when I ran your command it bundled up my images. That would mean I would need to run the command from scratch every time I add a new images.

    The way that I fixed it was basically that it couldn’t find the entry file (and why your fix did work as well), but the real fix was to update my app/build.gradle and to specify the entry file, entryFile = file(“../index.tsx”).

    So basically the error is saying it can’t find your entry file, and this seemed to have fixed it 🙂

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