Configuration management in Rust web services

Configuration management is a core concern in any nontrivial web application, and the Rust ecosystem provides everything you need and more.
Mario Zupan
8 min read

How to choose the right Rust HTTP client

In this guide, we'll walk through the main features of six Rust HTTP clients and demonstrate how to make GET and POST requests with...
Michiel Mulders
6 min read

JSON and Rust: Why serde_json is the top choice

To put it simply, JSON support shouldn't be a concern for any Rust developer. It's very much production-ready and arguably best in class compared...
Joshua Cooper
6 min read

File upload and download in Rust

The Rust ecosystem provides myriad tools for handling uploads and downloads in a web service, with options to asynchronously stream files for additional speed...
Mario Zupan
5 min read

Top 3 templating libraries for Rust

Rust has plenty of good templating crates, including some that are stable and ready for production use. In this guide, we'll compare a few...
Joshua Cooper
6 min read

Rust serialization: What’s ready for production today?

Serialization has always been a strong point of Rust. In this guide, we'll compare 12 serialization crates in various states of production-readiness, considering API...
Andre Bogus
9 min read

Understanding lifetimes in Rust

In this guide, we'll go over the basics of lifetimes and annotations and demonstrate how to work with them. We'll also look at some...
Thomas Heartman
6 min read

Building web apps with Rust using the Rocket framework

With web frameworks like Rocket, developers can use Rust to build fast and secure web applications with very little boilerplate code.
Ebenezer Don
9 min read

Template rendering in Rust

In this tutorial, we'll take a look at the old-school way of writing web applications using templates with all the rendering happening on the...
Mario Zupan
11 min read

6 deployment libraries for Rust

In this guide, we'll introduce you to some production-ready deployment libraries and services that are currently available for Rust, including Heroku, Docker, Render, Zeit...
Abiodun Solomon
3 min read

Using Prometheus metrics in a Rust web service

Prometheus has rightfully become an industry standard for collecting metrics. Learn how to collect system and custom Prometheus metrics in a Rust web service.
Mario Zupan
7 min read

9 Rust authentication libraries that are ready for production

Virtually all web apps require some form of authentication. In this guide, we'll evaluate nine stable, production-ready authentication libraries based on their popularity, completeness,...
Anshul Goyal
4 min read