The Material-UI grid system

Material Design defines a set of principles and guidelines for designing UI components. Learn how to use Material-UI's grid system to ensure a consistent...
Gaurav Singhal
5 min read

Debugging performance problems in React

This tutorial shows you how to use Chrome Performance Tab, React Dev Tools, the Profiler API to debug performance problems in React.
Diogo Souza
7 min read

Authentication for React apps using AWS Amplify and Cognito

AWS Amplify and Cognito user pools give you an efficient and reliable authentication solution for your React apps.
Brian Njenga
11 min read

Complete workflow guide to publish a React library to…

This post walks you through three methods for publishing a React library to NPM using Github actions.
Paramanantham Harrison
9 min read

Virtual scrolling: Core principles and basic implementation in React

Review the basic principles of virtual scrolling and learn how to build a reusable React component to solve the simplest issues associated with this...
Denis Hilt
10 min read

Pitfalls of overusing React Context

React Context is a powerful, useful tool, but it can cause performance issues when overused, especially in apps with frequent state changes.
Ibrahima Ndaw
4 min read

Common bugs in React Native

Knowing the context behind common errors in React Native can help developers save a lot of time and energy debugging.
Daniel Idaszak
5 min read

How to use SVGs in React

In this post, we will go through various ways we can use or render an SVG logo on a webpage.
Nedy Udombat
5 min read

Integrating web workers in a React app with Comlink

Web workers are notoriously difficult to interact with, but Comlink makes the process much more elegant.
John Reilly
6 min read

Caching clash: useSWR() vs. react-query

Though there are a lot of similarities between these data caching methods, there are some big differences, too.
Abdulazeez Abdulazeez Adeshina
8 min read

Act now to make your React website accessible

I do not care about the various WCAG 2.x standards. People use these standards as an excuse to do the bare minimum to make...
Paul Cowan
7 min read

Build more accessible forms with React Icons

The goal of this post is to help you understand how to build more accessible React forms by using the popular react-icons library.
Peter Ekene Eze
4 min read