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Developing responsive layouts with React Hooks

Having trouble creating responsive layouts in React? Learn more about how to use React Hooks to create an elegant and, more importantly, reusable solution....
Ben Honeywill
5 min read

Building nanoSQL-powered APIs

Databases often require you to communicate with them in a specific query language. You can bridge the language gap with nanoSQL, a JavaScript database...
Abdulazeez Abdulazeez Adeshina
7 min read

Semantic tests with React Testing Library

This tutorial shows you how to use the React Testing Library API to write better tests for you and your team.
Rafael Quintanilha
6 min read

Building a Product Hunt clone app using Hasura and…

Learn how to conduct authentication and authorization using Hasura and how to leverage GraphQL to fetch and write data from a Next.js frontend application.
Nirmalya Ghosh
16 min read

TypeScript vs. Flow

In this article, we’ll compare the features of the two typed extensions of JavaScript, TypeScript and Flow.
John Au-Yeung
6 min read

Reducing Redux boilerplate with Redux-Leaves

Find out how to use Redux-Leaves to reduce boilerplate code and increase the speed with which speed developers can add functionality to redux application.
Glenn Stovall
5 min read

Vuex: why we need SPA state management

Wondering what Vuex is all about? This tutorial gives you an overview of Vuex and shows you how to use it to build a...
Daniel Phiri
7 min read

Simplifying the GraphQL data model

Using components to represent your GraphQL data structure on the server side is optimal for simplicity.
Leonardo Losoviz
7 min read

The Material-UI grid system

Material Design defines a set of principles and guidelines for designing UI components. Learn how to use Material-UI's grid system to ensure a consistent...
Gaurav Singhal
6 min read

Top 10 Vue component libraries for 2020

Check out the top 10 fastest-growing Vue component libraries in 2020 and learn about some of their unique use cases in this post.
Ogundipe Samuel
5 min read

Debugging performance problems in React

This tutorial shows you how to use Chrome Performance Tab, React Dev Tools, the Profiler API to debug performance problems in React.
Diogo Souza
7 min read

The definitive guide to SCSS

SCSS is not your grandfather's CSS. The self-proclaimed "CSS with superpowers" offers a way to write styles for websites with more enhanced CSS syntax.
Supun Kavinda
10 min read