Victor Jonah
Feb 25, 2021 ⋅ 3 min read

What is Vlang? An introduction

Victor Jonah I am a Software Developer with over three years of experience working with JavaScript and its frameworks. I currently work as a remote software developer for a tech agency.

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6 Replies to "What is Vlang? An introduction"

  1. Hey can you do a post on the Concurnas programming language? It’s for Concurrent programming on the JVM and it seems to be out of beta

  2. Great overview. Noob question, but in your fetchUsers function you’ve defined users a second time without prepending mut to the original declaration. Is that a special syntax case or maybe you had declared that already?

  3. You are doing V a disservice by posting source code that you have clearly never tested! Please do so and fix all broken pieces…

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