Ibadehin Mojeed
Aug 16, 2022 ⋅ 9 min read

What is the virtual DOM in React?

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6 Replies to "What is the virtual DOM in React?"

  1. Thank you for the great article it helped me understand the concept of real & virtual DOM through such amazing examples & illustrations.

    A summary of my understanding is that the main DOM is a tree structure of all the elements in the HTML page. When there’s changes in the UI, re-rendering the whole page is costly so in react there’s the concept of virtual DOM where in memory objects are used to keep track of the changes in UI. React uses reconciliation (a diffing algo to compare the snapshots of the virtual DOM tree) & ReactDOM library to update the actual DOM.

  2. Why use all this HTML in JS code? If we can render only the element where the clock will be. The Form is a separate component. The example does not contain anything useful

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