Ibadehin Mojeed

  https://ibaslogic.com/ I'm an advocate of project-based learning. I also write technical content around web development.


32 Stories by Ibadehin Mojeed

Creating a custom <select> dropdown with CSS

Learn to style the native HTML select element using CSS only and CSS with JavaScript to make it fully custom and accessible.
0 9 min read

Using react-intersection-observer to create a dynamic header

With the react-intersection-observer package, we can create a dynamic header and improve the navigation experience within content-rich pages.
0 14 min read

Creating a custom CSS range slider with JavaScript upgrades

Customize a range slider with CSS, ensuring a consistent look and feel across browsers, with the option to enhance it with JavaScript.
0 11 min read

A guide to Next.js layouts and nested layouts

Understanding how layouts, nested layouts, and custom layouts work in Next.js is crucial for building complex, user-friendly projects.
0 9 min read

Making dropdown menus with CSS

We can create responsive, accessible dropdown menus with CSS for both keyboard and mouse users. Learn how in this tutorial.
0 11 min read

CSS gap property vs. margin property

Learn the subtle but important differences between the CSS gap and margin properties, as well as how their appearances change by layout choice.
0 7 min read

Next.js font optimization: Adding custom and Google fonts

This lesson covers how to optimize the font loading experience in a Next.js project as well as how to add custom and Google fonts.
1 12 min read

Building an audio player in React to play sound or music

Learn to build an audio player in React from scratch with custom controls that look consistent across browsers.
5 18 min read

Optimizing performance in a React app

In this guide, we will discuss some important ways to optimize the performance of a React application, including pre-optimization techniques.
5 12 min read

Guide to image overlays in CSS

An image overlay in CSS can be done in many ways. Learn to overlay images with text, gradients, and other unique styles and effects.
2 10 min read

Using the React Testing Library debug method

Learn how to use the React Testing Library debug method to identify and analyze test errors. We also explore the logRoles and logTestingPlaygroundURL() methods.
2 11 min read

Understanding relative and absolute imports in Next.js

Let's discuss Next.js absolute imports, relative imports, and different ways to implement them in your application.
2 7 min read