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  https://ibaslogic.com/ I'm an advocate of project-based learning. I also write technical content around web development.


20 Stories by Ibadehin Mojeed

Using Linaria for faster CSS-in-JS in React apps

In this article, we will explore how to use a zero-runtime CSS-in-JS library called Linaria in React applications.
0 8 min read

What is a virtual DOM in React?

The virtual DOM is a fundamental React concept. You have probably heard of it if you have written React code in the last few...
0 5 min read

How to create a multilevel dropdown menu in React

Learn how to implement the dropdown menu feature in a React project to make navigation bars dynamic and organized.
15 14 min read

Building a custom checkbox in React

In this guide, we will cover how to build a custom checkbox in React without sacrificing accessibility for assistive technology.
0 8 min read

How and when to use the CSS :has selector

The CSS :has() selector allows us to style an element based on its descendants or any succeeding elements.
0 6 min read

How to create a responsive image gallery with CSS flexbox

Learn how to use CSS flexbox to create three example responsive image gallery layouts that look amazing on all devices.
1 6 min read

Progressive image loading in React: Tutorial

Use progressive image loading in React to prevent user frustration and other problems that come with slow-loading, high-quality images.
1 4 min read

When and why to use the CSS !important declaration

The !important notation in CSS can be applied to override other conflicting rules for the matching selector.
0 7 min read

Creating a React sortable table

Improve data management and user experience by adding sorting functionality to a React table without using any library.
0 14 min read

Data fetching with Gatsby and GraphQL

Use GraphQL to fetch data from a Gatsby configuration and different sources including the file system, external APIs, databases, and CMSs.
0 14 min read

Modern API data-fetching methods in React

Learn modern React data-fetching methods and how to handle a real-world application’s state while fetching data.
6 10 min read

Bidirectional CSS centering: A complete guide

Learn modern bidirectional CSS centering techniques with best practices to center objects that scale across devices and screens.
0 6 min read