JuanMa Garrido
Jun 25, 2018 ⋅ 7 min read

Using Recompose to write clean higher-order components

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5 Replies to "Using Recompose to write clean higher-order components"

  1. Excellent article JuamMa and good examples. However, I think you may have forgot to change the code for withHandlerClick.js, as it looks the same as withStateTimes.js unless I have misread it…

  2. looks like there is some copy/paste code errors… look at this file you pasted: withHandlerClick.js (it is not the correct one)

  3. Thanks for the article! It’s very useful if you hear about recompose the first time! But you should mention somewhere that the recompose-library recommend to use hooks instead now. I see that this article is from 2018 and hooks were released in 2019 but this information would help a lot ! 🙂

    “Hi! I created Recompose about three years ago. About a year after that, I joined the React team. Today, we announced a proposal for Hooks. Hooks solves all the problems I attempted to address with Recompose three years ago, and more on top of that. I will be discontinuing active maintenance of this package (excluding perhaps bugfixes or patches for compatibility with future React releases), and recommending that people use Hooks instead. Your existing code with Recompose will still work, just don’t expect any new features. Thank you so, so much to @wuct and @istarkov for their heroic work maintaining Recompose over the last few years.”


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