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Styling in React: 5 ways to style React apps

Learn about styling React components with inline styling, styled-components, CSS modules, Tailwind CSS, and Sass and CSS style sheets.
Neo Ighodaro
13 min read

Comparing Tailwind CSS to Bootstrap: Is it time to…

Bootstrap is known for its responsiveness, whereas proponents of Tailwind CSS typically value the framework's customizability. Learn why Tailwind CSS is gaining popularity.
Obinna Ekwuno
13 min read

Design foundational, reusable components with Style Dictionary

Learn about the importance of design systems and how Style Dictionary can help your team ship products quickly and without confusion.
Nefe James
5 min read

Build responsive themes and components with Mantine

Learn how to build responsive themes and components with Mantine, a flexible and easy-to-use new UI library.
Samuel Ogunleye
11 min read

8 best ways to define component spacing in a…

Component spacing is the most integral part of any UI design system. Learn the basics, and some handy tricks, in this complete guide.
Joel Adewole
5 min read

Creating interactive backgrounds in React with tsParticles

Build gorgeous, interactive backgrounds with tsParticles, the spiritual successor to particles.js, in this exploratory tutorial.
Arek Nawo
6 min read

A guide to pagination, load more buttons, and infinite…

Here, we explain a few methods of setting up pagination, load more buttons, and infinite scroll to create more dynamic web pages.
Kumar Abhirup
5 min read

7 most common web design mistakes according to psychology

If you’re a frontend dev tasked with designing an app in addition to building it, these psychological principles can ensure your design works.
Gert Svaiko
4 min read

UI/UX best practices for cookie notifications

Take a step back from the controversy surrounding cookie notices and review these best UI/UX practices for implementing them on your website.
Adewale Abati
4 min read

How to use scroll-linked animations the right way

When it comes to scroll-linked animations, here are two takeaway tips: use Javascript observer patterns and CSS where possible.
Alvin Wan
8 min read

Balancing information density in web development

Balancing information density in an interface is challenging for app designers. Here’s how to do so based on your content and audience.
Brandon Dorn
6 min read

Getting started with Budibase

Budibase is a low-code, open-source platform for building web applications. You can use this quick guide to get started fast.
Gapur Kassym
3 min read