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9 Stories by Joel Adewole

Migrating to React Router v6: A complete guide

Migrate your React Router applications from v5 to v6 with this in-depth guide, including a review of additions and improvements from v5.
3 14 min read

A developer’s guide to Solidity design patterns

Solidity design patterns make your life as a web3 dev easier; learn about their benefits (and how to use them) in this complete guide....
0 11 min read

How to write an ERC-4626 token contract for yield-bearing vaults

In April 2022, Yearn Finance, a popular DEFI protocol, announced its support for the newly introduced Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC)-4626 token standard, stating...
0 6 min read

Understanding progressive enhancement

Progressive enhancement has many benefits beyond accessibility. Learn why and how to implement it in your web apps with this thorough guide.
0 7 min read

Building a DeFi dashboard: A developer’s guide

DeFi dashboards are helpful for viewing many disparate blockchain investments in a single place. Learn to build your own in this tutorial.
0 13 min read

8 best ways to define component spacing in a design system

Component spacing is the most integral part of any UI design system. Learn the basics, and some handy tricks, in this complete guide.
0 5 min read

Why you should use a proxy server with Create React App

Learn why and how to implement a proxy server with Create React App to secure and organize your next React app.
1 5 min read

Creating and customizing an HTML5 video player with CSS

Learn how to customize an HTML5 video player with CSS in order to create media that blends seamlessly into your app's UI.
2 6 min read

Build a custom TikTok autoplay React Hook with Intersection Observer

Create a React Hook for autoplaying videos with Intersection Observer to create a TikTok clone in this tutorial and example build.
0 6 min read