Put the TypeScript enums and Booleans away

While enums and Booleans may be familiar, you might want to think about using some other TypeScript constructs.
Paul Cowan
3 min read

TypeScript enums vs. types for writing readable code

Explore the ins and outs of enums in TypeScript, including their types and properties, and even reverse mapping.
Nwose Lotanna
5 min read

Why is TypeScript surpassing Python?

TypeScript is slowly becoming more popular than Python. Find out why in this post exploring the areas where TypeScript outperforms Python.
Chinwike Maduabuchi
4 min read

Your reference guide to using TypeScript in React

Here's a quick reference guide where you can learn about best practices and generic TypeScript types in React.
Chidume Nnamdi
6 min read

How to use React Context with TypeScript

Improve developer experience by learning how to use TypeScript with React Context by building a to-do app from scratch.
Ibrahima Ndaw
5 min read

Real use cases for named tuples in TypeScript

TypeScript tuples help to ensure a robust, well-documented, and maintainable codebase.
Alexander Nnakwue
5 min read

A simple guide for migrating from JavaScript to TypeScript

Learn how to quickly and easily migrate a React component from JavaScript to TypeScript with this simple guide.
Stephen Hartfield
9 min read

Strategies for mitigating prop drilling with React and TypeScript

Prop drilling is one of the most common gripes with React. You add a prop or event in a component way down the hierarchy...
Dan Vanderkam
12 min read

MiniQL: Building a query language in TypeScript

Is it ever OK to reinvent the wheel? We consider MiniQL, a tiny, GraphQL-inspired query language, in pursuit of the answer.
Ashley Davis
13 min read

Create scalable JavaScript and TypeScript file structures with Destiny

Destiny is an open-source project that scans folders for file dependencies and places the files in a fractal structure, where they are "destined" to...
Michiel Mulders
4 min read

What’s new in TypeScript 4.0

Without a doubt, these features will improve both the developer experience and the efficiency of using TypeScript.
Lawrence Eagles
4 min read

Using TypeScript with Node.js and Express

Learn how to set up TypeScript in an Express.js app.
Aman Mittal
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