Ishan Manandhar Ishan is a passionate product designer and frontend developer. He likes learning and implementing new tech stacks. He frequently writes blogs and also runs his YouTube channel, For Those Who Code.

Stories by Ishan Manandhar

Building Nx monorepos with Remix

In this article, learn how Nx monorepo deployment works when you’re building with Remix. We also cover how to share components and files.

Ishan Manandhar
Sep 20, 2023 ⋅ 7 min read
Remix flat routes: An evolution in routing

Remix flat routes: An evolution in routing

Flat routes, accessible in Remix via third-party package, can add a whole new paradigm to your apps. Learn how to implement them here.

Ishan Manandhar
Jul 28, 2023 ⋅ 6 min read
Selecting the best Vue 3 notification library

Selecting the best Vue 3 toast notification library

There are many options for Vue toast messages, and in this post, we cover three popular options for implementing them in your app.

Ishan Manandhar
Jun 8, 2023 ⋅ 4 min read
Using the TypeScript generic type to create reusable components

Using TypeScript generics to create reusable components

Learn how to use generic TypeScript types to create reusable components, ensure type safety, and make your code more readable in this post.

Ishan Manandhar
May 1, 2023 ⋅ 7 min read
Create a Custom Debounce Hook in React

Create a custom debounce Hook in React

In this article, we will write a custom debounce Hook in our React app that defers some number of seconds to process our passed value.

Ishan Manandhar
Nov 16, 2022 ⋅ 5 min read
Unit Testing With React And Cypress

Unit testing with React and Cypress

Unit testing is used by developers to verify that an application runs well. It involves checking every module of the application independently.

Ishan Manandhar
Sep 5, 2022 ⋅ 6 min read
Form Validation With Next.js And Netlify

Form validation with Next.js and Netlify

Building forms is a vital crux for many software applications. Forms are generally meant for collecting data from users. With […]

Ishan Manandhar
Jul 8, 2022 ⋅ 6 min read
Whats New In TypeScript 4.7

What’s new in TypeScript 4.7

TypeScript 4.7 includes significant updates and improvements revolving around new features for type inference, ESM integration, and more.

Ishan Manandhar
Jun 6, 2022 ⋅ 9 min read
PostgreSQL Logo Blue Background

Connection pooling in Jamstack apps with PostgreSQL

In this post, we will learn how to use PostgreSQL as our database to consume the data required for our Jamstack application.

Ishan Manandhar
May 6, 2022 ⋅ 7 min read
XState Logo

Using state machines with XState and React

Using XState and React to build state machines is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to handle state in any JavaScript application.

Ishan Manandhar
May 4, 2021 ⋅ 13 min read