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Next.js Commerce: An overview and tutorial

Next.js Commerce: An overview and tutorial


Next.js Commerce developer starter kit allows you to build fully customizable and scalable e-commerce sites with augmented app integrations.

Nausheen Sujela
Jan 29, 2021 ⋅ 3 min read
Exploring Zones in Next.js

Exploring zones in Next.js


Next.js zones allow different developer teams to build and deploy parts of an app individually, then merge them into a single application.

Vilva Athiban P B
Dec 7, 2020 ⋅ 2 min read
What's new in Next.js 10

What’s new in Next.js 10


Next.js recently released one of its much-awaited major versions (version 10) and there are a lot of exciting features to try.

Kapeel Kokane
Nov 18, 2020 ⋅ 8 min read
Comparing React SSR Frameworks: Umi vs. Next

How does UmiJS stack up against Next.js?


Both Umi and Next.js support routing and server-side rendering, as well as TypeScript, out of the box. Here’s how the frameworks compare.

Nathan Sebhastian
Sep 10, 2020 ⋅ 2 min read
Getting Started With Mock Service Worker

Getting started with Mock Service Worker


Mock Service Worker is an API mocking library that uses the Service Worker API to intercept actual requests.

Nirmalya Ghosh
Sep 3, 2020 ⋅ 7 min read
Introduction to Data Fetching With Next.js and Strapi CMS

Data fetching with Next.js and Strapi CMS


Learn how to handle data fetching, build APIs, manage the content of those APIs, validate roles and permissions, and more with Next.js and Strapi.

Francis Udeji
Aug 12, 2020 ⋅ 11 min read
How Next.js can help improve SEO

How Next.js can help improve SEO


Now is a good time to start using Next.js and unlock the power of server-side rendered applications.

Leonardo Maldonado
Aug 7, 2020 ⋅ 5 min read

Migrating from Gatsby to Next.js


My blog was written in Gatsby, but recently I migrated it to Next.js. Learn more about what went well and what didn’t.

Matija Marohnić
Jun 16, 2020 ⋅ 6 min read
building graphql API with nextjs feature image

Building a GraphQL server in Next.js via API routes


Learn how to use API routes to set up a GraphQL API within a Next.js app.

Leigh Halliday
May 14, 2020 ⋅ 6 min read

The best static websites generators compared


If you haven’t been keeping up with the static websites hype train, I’d say you’re reading this at just the […]

Arek Nawo
Mar 4, 2020 ⋅ 11 min read
Building a Product Hunt Clone App Using Hasura and Next.js

Building a Product Hunt clone app using Hasura and Next.js


Learn how to conduct authentication and authorization using Hasura and how to leverage GraphQL to fetch and write data from a Next.js frontend application.

Nirmalya Ghosh
Feb 20, 2020 ⋅ 16 min read
Introducing The New Create Next App

Introducing the new Create Next App


Initially a community project, the Next.js team recently took over maintenance of Create Next App and added a number of new features.

Nwose Lotanna
Feb 11, 2020 ⋅ 3 min read